All Over The World

Para chicas bonitas, they see us
All over the world n they'd love to meet us
Please get in my two seat-er, there's no limit
When ya running through Rome so fast ya head spinning

All these ladies, in Merecedes with their hair blowing so crazy
It's like I love all of these women and nobody’s here to save me

New York, Hong Kong, London and Rome
I’m International
I’m International
Amsterdam, Paris, LA, Tokyo
I’m International
I’m International

Para tu, no, es para mi
Its parties every day cause that's how its gotta be
We can do it here, but its much better over seas
We can take it from the states over to San Mar-tin

We can get what we when, if and ever we want it
Take the card and charge it, we flash it and flaunt it
Every girl is stunning and we're always into something
And we got money in abundance and we got it raining hundreds like whaaaat

Let's hop on a plane to Paris n
Buy you the rarest of carets so shiny you're embarrassed
And all of the tourists'll stop n they'll glare n
They'll whisper that you've gotta be a mogul or an heiress
I'm multi-lingual, that's my thing girl
That and I go all over to sing girl
Ballin like a Walton, there aint no doubt about it
Now let me take you to my suite, this club is too crowded

By Tre Folensbee, Jason Garner, Dave Tough
© 2011

Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee