All I Am Is Yours

There somewhere along the way
I was a lonely man lead astray
Chasing distant fires without a flame
In a desert filled with dust
My dreams had almost turned to rust
I’d all but given up on the rain
But I held on to hope
Deep inside my soul
Waiting for someone to let it all go
When you’ve lost the will to fight
Only on the darkest night
Can the smallest spark burn oh so bright

I can’t hold back anymore
All I am is yours

The past fades in the afterglow
With silver threads spun into gold
They heal the scars and bruises that we own
The howling hounds sing lullabies
They look away with silent eyes
No longer with the hunger that they’d known
And I could sing a song
A hundred verses long
Just fall into your arms
And pretend that nothing’s wrong
But sometimes to see the light
It takes the darkest night
For the smallest spark to burn oh so bright

Repeat Chorus

I finally found my place
When your love burned away
All of my troubles and all of my pain
I finally saw the light
On the darkest night
When the smallest spark burned oh so bright

Repeat Chorus

Written by Dave Tough & Justin Busch © 2013

Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee