As Far As You Want To Go

Here we are standing up by the side of the bar
Makin eyes like we taking lives but still it ain’t ever really going too far
Cause here I am and there you are, looking like ya sugar
Girl, pretty sweet, come stand next to me
No please really tell me who you are
You are so gorgeous, so beautiful
From the hair to the paint over your cuticles
Every wish that I have is unruly, n I know this may seem quite new to you
But to be honest, to be fair, I'm not really the guy to just comes to stare
If you wanna go somewhere, we can go
Cause I wanna be the guy that's gonna take you there

We'll go as far, as far as you want to go
Baby, let me take you there
We'll go as far, as far as you want to go
You and I, anywhere

Here we go getting into cabs again
Other side of the city for shenanigans
You gotcha girl friends? Ya, we can plan with them
But we could really ditch um, just leave, you n me, like we're transients
Bust outta their school like its truancy, n then we can go n make our plans again
It's a bright night, an its all alright
Stay out until its day light, stay right
Call it a late night or an early morning
No telling with all the chemistry that is formin
All I want is you, all I want is you, do I gotta say it again?
I'm really in the game cause I'm playing to win
We can go anywhere, just say n we're in


Here we end cause I can see the light
Been a hell of an evening, ‘n girl I like
Everything that we did, don't regret tonight
but now is when we part ’n don't let it break ya heart
The evening is over, this is the end, but tomorrow evening has yet to start
We can do this again, many more nights, many more parties, many more sights
Plenty more visits to the bed room, but don't stand up
Cause I like to make sure there's some headroom
Get it, we can do this all another visit
But I betcha girlfriends just really don't get it
But I don't really care, just as long as me n you
Get to do this again, or we can just forget it


By Dave Tough & Rowland Folensbee © 2013
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee