Better Things To Do

I got someone else sleepin’ on your side of the bed
Got a new love song on repeat in my head
Got you out of my head

I use your old t-shirt cleanin’ my dirty car
Ripped out the flowers you planted in my yard
I got you out of my heart

Burned you outta my mind like a cigarette
A drag Im glad to forget

I got better things to do than remember you
There ain’t nothing you can do
Live my life the way I choose
I got better things to do than remember you

I bought a dress showin’ off my new tattoo
Got a flask full of honey jack strapped to my left boot
Looks like I’m over you

I’ve been high heel steppin', dancin’ all over town
Catchin up with all my girls that you never liked hangin’ around
Now were shuttin’ it down

Your blowing up my phone, like I give a shit
Can’t you see I’m over it?


Written by Dave Tough, Jacky Dustin, Wojtek Krupka © 2013

Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee