Big Girl Now

I’m feeling so free
This feelings takin’ over me
Used to be insecure
A prisoner of your love boy
But not anymore

Now I’m grown up
You just held me down
In and out of love we fell
I needed time to figure it out
But not anymore

Thought that you could keep me in your little bubble
Not gonna take it, I know I can make it
I ain’t gonna cry no more

Im a big girl
I wont settle for less
I’m a big girl
Not a damsel in distress
I’m pretending that you don’t really exist
So stay away
Stay away
Cause I’m a big girl now

You first and me last
That’s all in the past
If its wrong or if its right
I’m putting myself first tonight
All of the time
Don’t tell me what to do
There’s no more me and you
I’m throwing all the toys away
I’m not coming out to play
Not today

Its all a game to you,
Can’t tell me what to do
I got to be strong
And keep pushing on
All grown up baby

Repeat Chorus


Final Chorus
I’m a big girl
No more angel’s smile
I’m a big girl
Got a new sexy style
I love that you don’t even exist
Just stay away
Stay away
Cause Im a big girl now

Written by Dave Tough & Lauren Winans © 2012
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee