Check the Ride

Yup, its that brother, yes its none other
Than the dude tighter than where the road meets the rubber
Did I stutter? No, the flow smoother than butter
Every other rapper duckin n runnin looking for cover

The return of the best, well dressed to the 9s
Impress all the time, invested in mine
Interest in this, expected but I
Suggest before you check me out, check the ride
Check the ride…

Enveloped in my style n finesse the best dressed, apparent
Guys are speaking like they're women like "oh, what is he wearing?"
Embarrassed, like I'm surprised that everyone is staring
like I'm wearing some bear skin n a pair of hoop earrings
Look now, I'm put in the books now
I'm leaving um shook now, got um hooked up but put down
Look right, I'm leaving um shook right
Cause at the end of the day, you gotta know that its good night

Forgive me, but your girl is looking pretty fine
I betcha if I met her she would swoon over the rhymes
It'll take a couple minutes but I got a couple lines
That'll send a little tingle down the mittle of her spine


Please recognize I
a-rrived with the ride n style that's of the illest
With the flow a little slower so everybody can feel it
The realest, grab the CD to see me
On that cub tip cause I need something to pay the bills with
That right flow, fire like nitro
Watch it ignite n see the night blow, the whole sky glows
It's like a light show, fires wherever I go n I know
It's me, my life n then its my flow one

The writer of rhymes, ya, its at the drop of a dime
Always something on my mind, read my life in my lines
See the signs, never putting the flow before shine
But that there doesn't mean that I don't shine all the time

By Dave Tough & Rowland Folensbee © 2012
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee