Don’t Give Up (On a Champion)

I used to be on top
Top of the world
But I caught a couple bad breaks
And made a few wrong turns
I used to have it all
Everything and more
But life has its own way
Of settling the score

But don’t write off
Someone who will never stop
And don’t bet against
Someone who’d give anything

Don’t give up
Don’t give up
Don’t give up on a champion
Don’t count them out
Write them off when they are down
Or think the fire in their heart won’t burn again
Don’t give up on a champion

The one’s who built me up
Now try to cut me down
Say I’ll never win
Say I’m down and out
But we all have our problems
We’re dealt our share of pain
So you can throw in the towel
Or you can pick it up and say

On someone who’d give all they’ve got
The dark horse who will never stop
The one with nothing left to lose
The part of them you see in you

Written by Dave Tough & Justin Busch © 2012
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee