Down At The Ocean

Water splashin on the back of my neck down at the ocean
Me and my baby got a drink in our hand and were coast’n
There ain’t nothing like this palm tree scene
Where sunshine and smiles are the daily routine
When you’re hangin’ by the water
Down at the ocean

Sailboats sailin and the dolphins are playin, at the ocean
We ain’t too hurried to get worried ‘ bout a little commotion
Where our nine to five is out of reach
With the sand in our toes and the waves on our feet
Living life the way it should be
Down at the ocean

Down at the ocean
We can walk on the beach
Down at the ocean
We can dream every dream
Down at the ocean
We can be free
So just let down your hair
And you’ll be right there
Down at the ocean

Solo over A1

Sun is fadin and the tiki bar’s swayin, at the ocean
The breeze on my skin and the warmth of wind, makes a potion
It’s the place that we still know
Where our love can only grow
So baby let’s just go
To the ocean

Repeat Chorus

Written by Dave Tough & Dean Barton © 2013
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee