You told me you’d be home by ten
But it’s closing in on one
I’ve called three times to make sure you’re alive
You ain’t answering your phone
So tell me now is this still all in my head?

You been working late the past four days
Aint loved on me for weeks
Here I am doin’ laundry
I’m finding restaurant receipts
Dinner for two
Places I ain’t never been
This game you’re playing with me
You aint never gonna win

Baby, what were you thinkin?
Trying to make, a fool out of me
It’s a shame how, it all came out
What ever happened to old-fashioned honesty?
I’ve come to give the freedom that you wanted
Here to finish what you started

It took time to read between your lies
And I’m well read by now
Every story has it’s ending
I’ve got this chapter figured out
No ever-after
No, you won’t see me again
I loved you, you to lied to me, the end

Written by Dave Tough & Jacky Dustin
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee