Get What U Give

Didn’t know that you had it like
Didn’t know that you’d do me like that
Didn’t know you were tryin’ to be down
Said you were out with your friends
But you were messing around

Bet you thought that I’d never find out
Bet you thought that there was no doubt
Bet you thought that you had me tricked
But tricks are for kids, girl, you making me sick

I don’t believe it
Why would you treat me so bad?
I have a little secret
Girl you know I’m not even mad
Cause in the end girl, you know its sad

You get what you give (you get what you give girl)

Talkin’ bout how you missing my touch
Talkin’ bout how you need me so much
Talkin’ bout loving on the phone
While you were out at the club,
Thought that I’d never know

Listen up this golden steam
Listen up I’ve been doing my thing
Listen up let me tell you , boo
You’ve been playing your games
But I’ve been playing mine too

You couldn’t see it
You were just so blind to the truth
The way you treated me is the way
I’ve been treating you

You get what you give (you get what you give girl)

Walk away, better yet turn around now
You think you’re slick, slick and quick
But I caught up with you now
So you can take a walk

What goes around comes around
You get it how you give it, girl (repeat)

By Dave Tough and Robel Taylor © 2010
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee