Jesus Lives Next Door

He lights his cigarette, drinks a can of Bud light
My next door on his porch every night
A white t-shirt, he’s got a big brown beard
A long haired hippie, you might think he’s kinda weird

Last night I stopped on by and I brought some Mickey Finn
I bought the Cuervo, his amigos brought the gin
We stayed til 4 o’clock, gettin’ hooted with his Dad
I needed love, and that is what they had

Every night he hangs out
With the strippers and the whores
Seems they find some graceat his place
Drunks and junkies just lyin’ on his floor
You might not care
But I swear
That Jesus lives next door

He drives for meals on wheels, except on Saturdays
Fixed my leaky roof, he’s a carpenter by trade
And we went fishin’, we had a real good time
He did some party tricks like turnin’ water into wine

Scars on his hands, that he’d got from the war
So many sins, that they’d nailed him for
But he don’t judge me, he just takes me as I am
And don’t you know, I wanna be just like him

Repeat Chorus

I saw a sold in his yard, late July
He went up north, extradited, some say crucified
He wrote a note that gave me hope
So I chose to believe
“ Goodbye, my friend, til we meet again, Jesus Lopez Ruiz”
It’s always better to give than receive
“ Farewell, my friend, til we meet again, Jesus Lopez Ruiz”

Written by Dave Tough © 2011
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee