Let's Get Crazy

Rap 1
Ay chica, hablas mi lengua
Come here n do ya thing ma
Seen ya, chilling to the beat,
I think I, need to

Introduce you to me now - the chillest
Everybody know who the realest in the 'Ville is
I'm the villain, please defeat me
And see if I don't come back with a beat and then I kill it

Yes ma'am, I own this town
And really you can ask anybody hanging around
Its pretty easy when you got this sound
And a flow to hold me liable when all y'all drown

Excuse me if I drop the best
The man with the answers while all of y'all guess
I guess that really means I'm leaving all of y'all stressed
Better hit the club now before I take all the rest

Sung Hook
We in the club
We let it roll
We give it up
We lose control

We gettin wild
Up in this bar
We do our thing
Come as you are

Rap 2
Hey ladies
Understand the goal right now's to get all ya crazy
Really, crazy, nuts, insane enough
To leave here having my baby

Say we touch, talking insanely rough
Hope you are game enough ‘cause
Everything we do is a crazy rush
But now we gotta change it up cmon, let's go

Back to my place, we'll stand n embrace
Then fall on the bed, and start dancin’ in place
Like we're dancin’ in space, making crazy faces
Talking baby making angry faces

Rollin like we're changing places, while you sound elated
It's like getting famous, I finally made it
While the sounds we're makin’ make the neighbors talk
Lets get back to the club before they call the cops

Repeat Sung Hook


No digas nada
Vuelvete loca
So move your body

By Tre Folensbee, Jason Garner, Dave Tough
© 2011

Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee
615.554.6693 www.davetough.com