Our Song

I feel on top of the world, I wanna share it with you/
It's been a while girl n I know its true/
But I figure we were wrong, and now we can get along/
if we just keep singing our song/

Something like…Laaa, la laaa

It's been a minute, yes ma'am its been a while/
Cause I swear the last time that we spoke I was a child/
A baby, an infant, I've grown so much/
The difference between then and now is infinite/
End sentence, what, you thought I had more to say?/
Well I do, telling the truth, but that isn't for today/
We can hash out the details like lawyers in a court room/
One day when its raining and we're suffering from boredom/

Right now, I'm tryna pull us out the doldrums/
of this "oh you don't support me" "oh I don't support you"/
Oh we know its not true, we hold each other up/
That's why even when we break up, we talk the next day cause/
I need you n you me, truly/
Needing you in my life is like needing to breathe/
So please, let me breathe n now let me see/
What we can do about you and me becoming we/
Now we fight like we love, hard and with a passion/
It's a bad habit that we have a tendency to snap in/
We gotta watch it, be understanding, be cautious/
We don't wanna ruin second chances over being obnoxious/
No, hand lifting, fist rising, 2 AM at night fighting/
Neighbors waking, knocking on the door n then we're both silent/
That's when we laugh like oh, they don't understand/
We don't mean it like their thinking till we do it all again/

But hey, what's a relationship without something to work on?/
Although the work that we love to pursue is more likely with no shirts on/
Its ok, we close the curtains, cause this is for you and me/
Or do it like we do our fights, where the whole world can see/
Always open, always hope that our tomorrows getting brighter/
While our fights are getting dimmer and our burden getting lighter/
All I know is these days I'm heartless/ Cause I gave you mine
So your chest is where two hearts rest/
So let's all raise our glasses as the darkness ever passes/
And hope this is the last time we have to reattach, this/
Is hope for many years, and that our love will always last/ as
The time around us passes, we'll be here till the last breath/
Inhale, feel the love in my lungs/
Its only you that ever truly knows where its all from/
Everything in me is ruled by my heart beat/
I rule the whole world and still it beats ever softly/

Its you and me, king and queen on a throne that we're building/
Right now its rent and ramen, someday it'll be children/
Some day it'll homes and our family that we've grown/
and teach um love until they think its the only thing we've ever known/
We'll put the…fights behind us, some of that…life behind us/
We're moving forward with the best of the past, rewind us/
And you'll only see the best, forgive, forget and move on/
And spend that whole time singing our song…
By Rowland Folensbee and Dave Tough