Senior High

I was eighteen in senior high
Got out of work on Friday night
And I called you up to ask “Where’s it goin’ down?”
Heard ‘bout a party on Johnson’s cove
Sped so fast down that gravel road
Then we drank ‘til the world was spinning round

In young love and old cars
Down to the water watch those stars
Never knowing where we were going next
Cheap beer, football games
We called everybody by their last names
On those Autumn nights with our friends
We never thought it would end
How that year flew by
In Senior High

After school I’d pick you up
The worst time to fall in love
‘ Cause when we leave for college it’ll be goodbye
The radio blasting “Born to Run”
We’d hit the lake when the week was done
And we would kiss until the sunrise


Eight months passed and it was all a memory
We said goodbye
But what I’d give to be
Back in…

Chorus (2x)

Written by Dave Tough & Justin Busch
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee