She Is

Got a smile that’s hard to forget
Stole my heart the day we met
And she’s so sexy with no make-up on

Lot of things that are crazy about her
You’d never guess she’s a preacher’s daughter
She cranks up Zepplin as she mows the lawn….

So many things I love to I love
Donald Duck always cracks me up (quacks)
Laughin’ hard until it hurts
Puttin’ extra cash in the plate at church
Favorite songs I love to sing
Lemonade on an old porch swing
But at the top of that list
She is

She’s an angel and a devil
Picture perfect just not level
Got herself a tattoo of a UFO

Wears a t-shirt in dead of winter
Pancakes and Tang for dinner
She’s the half that makes me whole


That girl’s crazy and quirky
She might even be a shade bizarre
But don’t you know…


(Dave Tough/Craig Winquist) © 2006
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee