Smiled Back At Me

A hot August night, I saw her by the jukebox light
Her beauty captivated me
Thanks to a dare, I walked over there
Then we talked ‘til she had to leave

I was sad she couldn’t stay
But that feeling went away

Yeah, she smiled – she smiled back at me
She smiled back at me – she smiled back at me
The time slowed to a crawl, right then I had it al
High on life and not afraid to fall
When she smiled back at me

The following June, our passion was is bloom
I wanted to have her for my wife
Because of her past, she felt the need to ask
A question weighing on her mind

She wondered if I loved her too
And I simply said “I do”

Repeat Chorus

I’ve traveled overseas, drove a million miles
But the best scenery is always a smile

In early May, a baby’s on the way
I felt my life was now complete
But I questioned me, and the father I would be
When I saw that cotton sheet

As I held her through the night
All she did was cry
But at the break of day
All the tears they seemed to dry

Repeat Chorus

Written by Dave Tough & JD Dohnal © 2013

Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee