Solomon River

Western Kansas
Where Grandpa lived and died
On a horse farm west of Logan
'Neith a violent changing sky
'Cross a tall grass prairie
A river cut that land
He built a home upon its banks
With his own two hands
Grandpa took me fishing
Where the yellow cottonwoods grow
Showed me how to cast my line
Where the Solomon river flows

The Solomon river
Flows through my mind
Takin’ me back
To another place and time
Where a twenty pound catfish
On a ten pound line
Was the only problem I would know
I remember that country
Where the Solomon River flows

Now I’m east of Denver
Tryin’ to build my life
Working in the city
But something just ain’t right
I can’t seem to catch my break
Haven’t caught my dream
Fishin’ in an asphalt river
Ain’t the life for me
So I’m headed out tomorrow
You know where I’ll go
Where the catfish wait to take my bait
And the Solomon river flows


The river just keeps rolling
Winding through my soul
I’ll just let it take me to
A better place I know
Where Grandpa’s house is standing
Like it did before
Lord I love that country
Where the Solomon River flows


Written by Dave Tough & Rodney Fitzhugh © 2013

Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee
" Rodney Fitzhugh" <>