Summer Fling

School is out, we're feeling free
Time to be who we want to be
Sun is hot, girls gettin tan
But all the boys got another plan
They smile at us, they tell us lies
We all know the truth is in their eyes
They say the things that we wanna hear
Baby we aint gonna fall this year

All the boys just want one thing
But we're looking for a man, not a summer fling
They may be hot, but it don’t change a thing
Girl don’t fall love with a summer fling

We see ‘em in the club, looking alright
But all they’re looking for is just one night
So forget em, dont pick up their call
Cause all those summer boys will be gone in the fall
So tonight it’s just me and my crew
All my girls, this is what we gonna do
We’re gonna flirt, we’re gonna tease
But we ain’t gonna fall for a summer fling


It’s a summer fling so here we go
Rockin this joint through your stereo
Girl don’t worry if you drink too much
Come on over here and party with us
We’ll kick til 6 then we can roll
We’ll have some fun, keep it on the low
I’ll give you my love, cant give you a ring
Girl don’t worry it’s a summer fling

They’re gonna say that you’re the only one
Girl I tell you to leave them all alone
You’re better on your own


Written by Dave Tough & Nathan Anderton © 2013

Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee