Summer Fun

I've got my board shorts on, just walking out the door
With the sun so hot, I'm going to the shore
I'm gulf coast living it lately, the sand the surf the salt and the ladies

I see her skin, cinnamon in the wind
Flip-flops off just hanging out with her friends
Plays, every day, in the rays
Laughing all her cares away

Look at her

She just wants to have fun
She’s not looking down the line
Cause it’s summer, summer time

I've got my make up on, still primping by the sink
The aloe vera's out,my shoulders looking pink
I am meeting all my girls at the boardwalk
The band is kicking off when the sun drops

I see him up in the club sure enough
That's my boy who's looking good, give it up
Drinks on the beach and we speak
Asks me what I'm doing next week

Look at him


In the summer heat when girl meets guy
Making fireworks like the Fourth of July

Written by Dave Tough, Christopher R. Dunn, Loribeth J. Dunn 50/25/25
© 2013
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee