Sweet Addiction

I got to quit my habit soon
It’s like the drug I found in you
Been your little white boy blue
You’re my sweet addiction

And you were always wise to play my game
Your words were never all the same
So all I do is sit and wait
In this house

And it ain’t no use
Each way we lose
Don’t let it get you down
Don’t let it get you down

Summer’s gone you’re still locked inside
Deep inside my heart
You are gone and I’m looking for
A way to make a start

Tonight our hearts are in the lost and found
And dirty minds they go to town
When little lies get spread around
From what was said

And I thought you already knew
You can’t save me from what I choose
And soon I will be passing through
My sweet addiction


And I’m going West to the sea
Singing blues songs for baby and me
Lord I feel so wild and free
Once again

By Dave Tough © 2005
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615.554.6693 www.davetough.com