On the rise, take a look at the sky n there we fly/
living life like it do or you die, n you're alive/
making moves so enormous so you can make a fortune/
A force with a mic of a very different sort/ this
Here is a test, will or can you be the best/
Not here for the money but you're here for respect/
Wanna see what is next? See you as the exec-/utive
chief of a company signing the checks/

Be a man about your business, call another witness/ up
n I promise that they'll tell you the same thing/
On ya shit like a religion, no matter your position/ in life
Always hit it within range of your aiming/
Change you? Never, You'll never find a better/
Mind within a rhyme for the sheep needing a Shepard/
No matter the whether, we're walking in the open/
Rain, sleet or bullshit, the truth is still spoken/
This here is the future, all is streamlined/
Your on the grind while their talkin about the mean time/
There's no between time, only time which is money/
tell um my time is mine n you can't take nothing from me/
You're here to make it clear that everything that you hear/
Is just you tying loose ends up to end the fiscal year/
This shit is clear, that BBA grind/
They want a deal, all you want is your CPA signed/

I stack cash but use it as a page in my rhyme book/
Watch a liar shake his head if he's saying that I'm shook/
Only thing I ever spend is every minute of time took/
spreading knowledge that I find in all the places that I look/
So we hit um right hooks, take us in n we're fine with/
Middle fingers when they try to pick us out in the line up/
Like we've broken the law, the way that its going/
Freedom of speech is next so book us now before times up/
With no further ado, the truth is/
They're trying to take the heart and mind outta music/
Ignorance is used to sell product n once all of its bought up/
When we speak nobody notices anything that we brought up/
Like yo, that's not hot, don't talk about the system/
or brain washing, talk to me about ya wrists n/
the bling how're you flossing, I wanna see the flash/
Not the business enterprising that you use to get the cash/

Get um swagger and the glamor, ya, the flash n pizzazz/
Don't get um stuff to make um think, make the girls shake that ass/
Make the club jump, give um stuff you know their used to/
You don't need to leave um sitting thinking bout the future/
The 401ks, just tell um make it rain/
Don't tell um get a job, just tell um it'll change/
Don't tell um how to do it, just tell um that they can/
Lead um, sell um all a song n then do it all again/
But they don't want ya to talk to nobody/
They don't want ya to talk to nobody/
They don't want ya to talk to nobody/
They. don't. want. ya. to talk. talk./

By Rowland Folensbee and Dave Tough