Tell U That I Love U (The Wedding Song)

When I first met cha
I couldn’t breathe around you.
I couldn’t even try speak around you,
But all that I would do is dream about you
Hell…I really couldn’t help it
But now I wanna scream about you,
I don’t ever wanna have to be without you,
All I wanna do is just be around you,
Ya…did I tell ya that I love ya?

When I met you I was on, gone, my mind blown
Like I got the lights on but I’m not home
Before I said hi, I had heard about you on the phone
Dude said he’s got a girl but her friend is alone
Came by, said hi, way too high
Knocked my food over, spilled it on ya side haha
You said you didn’t like me, I asked “Are you sure you don’t?”
You got up, got your purse n said “ahem, I’m going home”

I laughed n you left, checked that ass, you bet
I liked the attitude and the little class in your step
You thought that was it, but if I had to guess
I bet I’ll see that ass right back in a sec
6 months later we’re talking, n I ask you question
If you wanna go to dinner, get a yes then
We go, n then the next one, cruising all around, no direction
Finally get bold, ready to express that….

We would cruise, all alone
Til dawn broke, aw struck, forever we roam
N we would drink “drink”, on our own
Til the glass broke, hoping that we really belong
You are my whole heart, whole soul, got me in a choke hold
Can’t breathe, can’t sleep, got me feeling slow, no
Way I’m slowing down for a lady, that’s the worst road
And suddenly a girl has got me feeling like is church though
But I do, I do, let the church bells ring
Look at the people that have come n the gifts that they bring
Let the ring barer walk, let the whole choir sing
Let the sun shine then tell her to me what she really means
So I do, I do, shun the clouds and the rain
Ease your way out of your skin, leave the past n the pain
Release the doves for the peace, throw the rice for the same
Now come up to the alter, we got vows to exchange

Baby girl don’t you know
That we can just take it slow
Im so proud to be your man
And with you always by my side
I had doubts about so many things but now you make me think I can
Girl we fuss and fight but its alright
Cuz youre the one for me and its so right
Oh I know what it could be
Forever and a day with you and me
For eternity
Did I tell you that I love you?

By Dave Tough, Justin Wilson & Rowland Folensbee © 2012
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee