There we stood
With nothing left to say
Nothing left to give
Nothing in the way

To stop goodbye
To stop the end
To save this love
To save a friend

Is it all or none?
Is it love or pride?
Does it all come down to this moment in time?

Right or wrong, weak or strong, the moment comes and then it’s gone
In or out, faith or doubt, your whole world comes down
To what you say, what you do, and you may never even know it
But it all comes down to this moment

Can’t you see?
That here and now
Will be here then gone
So hear me out

This is our chance
This is our time
To change our path
To change or lives

Is all or none?
Is it luck or fate?
Is it everything we’ve dreamed of happening today?


It’s the call you almost made then just hung up
Its the letter that you wrote and never sent
It’s telling her I love you I need you but it only played out in your head


Written by Dave Tough & Justin Busch
Contact: Dave Tough * 5801 Tee Pee Trace * Cane Ridge, Tennessee