What’s Gotten Into Me

Everybody's asking me `What's with you these days?`
They can't believe that this change that has come
I used to think that life was short , I was living it up
Now they hear me talking about God ..about you god

They wonder what's gotten into me
I'm not the girl(man) i used to be
Lord it ain’t no mystery
You're what’s gotten into me
They wonder whats got in my soul
I’m not the girl (man) they use to know
Jesus it's no mystery
You're whats gotten into me
Yea, you're what's gotten into me

They all want to know what this cross is all about
And what possessed me to start living right
I was the first to show beneath that neon glow
But now they see me in a different light ...in your light

You loved me the way I was, but too much to leave me that way
and some think its strange when I am singing your praise

© 2008 D Tough/H Cowles
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